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Party Wall Act Section 6: A Serious matter with a Fun Twist!

Get Ready to Party: Demystifying Section 6 of the Party Wall Act

Welcome to the ultimate party—The Party Wall Act! While it might sound like an exclusive bash, Section 6 is the cool kid you need to know about. So, grab your party hats, and let’s dive into the facts in this third part of a six part series, sprinkled with a dash of fun.

The Need to Serve Notice:

Why the Invite Matters:

  • Picture this: you’re about to throw a renovation rager, and your adjoining neighbours are the VIP guests. Section 6 says, “Send them an invite!” A notice is your way of saying, “Hey, we’re making some changes here. Let’s talk about it.”

Heim Surveying Group‘s Tip:

  • Serving notice is like sending a save-the-date for your property’s makeover. It’s polite, it’s neighbourly, and it’s the law!…basically it’s the first step to a drama-free construction fiesta!

The 3m and 6m Rules:

Rule of 3 – Not Just for Parties:

  • Section 6 introduces the 3m rule. When you’re building within 3 meters of your neighbour’s property (and below their foundations), it’s time to chat. No, not just a casual chat—more like a, “Hey, we’re getting close, and we wanted you to know” kind of chat.

Heim Surveying Group’s Fun Twist:

  • Think of it as a 3-metre social distancing rule for construction. We’re just making sure everyone has enough space to groove without stepping on each other’s toes!

Rule of 6 – More the Merrier:

  • Expanding your project within 6 metres? You guessed it—another notice. This time, it’s about giving your neighbours the lowdown on your grand plans. The 6 metre rule is a bit more complicated than the 3 metre rule but in principle if your new foundations go below your neighbours foundations when you draw an imaginary 45 degree line down from their foundations towards yours then you need to serve notice.

Heim Surveying Group’s Party Hack:

  • The 6-metre rule is like inviting your neighbors to join the dance floor. “Hey, we’re going big, and you’re welcome to join in the fun!”

Let’s Party Responsibly:

Navigating the Dance Floor:

  • Section 6 isn’t about dampening the party spirit; it’s about partying responsibly. So, when you’re planning digging those swanky foundations, just remember: notices are your golden tickets to a smooth groove.

Heim Surveying Group’s Friendly Reminder:

  • We’re the party planners you need! At Heim Surveying Group, our team of expert surveyors knows how to keep the rhythm of Section 6 in harmony. We’re not just about walls; we’re about making sure your party playlist includes all the right tunes.

Contact Heim Surveying Group:

Ready to kick off your construction celebration? Heim Surveying Group is your go-to DJ for navigating Section 6 of the Party Wall Act. Contact us today, and let’s make your property party the talk of the neighborhood – in the best way possible!

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